The author (筆者)

Who am I?

My name is Moazbellah Elgabry, Moaz for short, and I also go by the name Mizo. My passion about languages started a long time ago, back when I was at high school when I was taking German classes. Now I’m greatly interested in linguistics in general. So I had several attempts on foreign language acquisition which included English, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. However, I only managed to follow through with English and Japanese, with Arabic being my first language. After 3 years of studying Japanese I took on the JLPT N1 which I had aspired to pass since the moment I knew about JLPT, although it was my first attempt I managed to pass the test. only to leave me aspiring to attain higher levels of proficiency.

Apart from languages I’m also interested in reading, technology, computer hardware, photography, photo-editing, fitness and health.

I am starting this blog to help all my fellow learners around the world in their quest for acquiring the Japanese language and being a cultural portal through which I can expose to you a plethora of hidden gems of the Japanese society and culture, hoping that you see Japan and Japanese as I do.