The content (内容)

What is this blog about?

The guy who loves Japanese is a blog about Japanese but not limited to it. It’s a general blog where I will be writing about stuff that interest me which most of the time will be about Japanese or Japan.

I will try to explain the difficult grammar points, ambiguous phrases and expressions, introduce Kanji origins and study methods.  I will try to give you some tips on how to improve your study techniques and what materials to use and what’s the best way to use them.

Occasionally, I will write about personal experiences which might have some insight about Japanese culture.

Is this blog for you?

This blog is mainly aimed at intermediate to advanced students of Japanese, however, I will try to cover some topics for beginners like how to start learning Japanese and what to do at early stages of language acquisition. I will also provide some references and materials to study from.

Occasionally, I will write in Japanese about various topics or as a diary as a practice for me to write and possibly a practice for learners to read.

To advanced students:

I will be posting about a lot of advanced topics like:

  • Kanji’s etymology(the history of a word) and study techniques.
  • Yojijukugo (四字熟語) and other types of Kanji compounds.
  • Advanced grammar with JLPT reference.
  • Japanese history and literature.
  • proverbs and other culture insights.
  • Kobun (古文) or Bungo (文語).
  • Keigo (敬語・尊敬語・謙遜語).

and many more. The blog is still in its early stages so make sure to stay tuned and keep checking back.