Japanese mothers came from the sun

Today is Mother’s day, And I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to have such a supportive and caring mother. I am sure you feel the same way towards your mothers. so do make sure to buy your Okaasan a present.

Most beginner Japanese students learn the word for “mother” early on. however, there are not so many who know the origins of the word even among advanced students. Actually not even Japanese people know it anyway. It originates from the sun. how? read on to find out how.

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Kanji tales: The journey to Japan

When I started learning Japanese I was overwhelmed with all the Kana and Kanji and all the other stuff that were completely new to me, all of which didn’t give me the time to think about the history of those characters. to be honest I didn’t care at all then, but now that I am used to it I started to think that it’s actually fun to learn about the history of characters, as it gives you so much insight about its meanings and construction. I think it will help the advanced learner to understand more aspects about Kanji and Japanese culture as well. So without further ado I wanna tell you about the journey that brought Kanji to Japan briefly in the following few paragraphs.

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Kanji tales: Communicating with God by Kanji

Do you believe that there were times when Kanji used to be the characters of Gods? And people used it to ask Gods about the future, and now we still use the same holy characters! Characters that have been in use for more than 3000 years. that means that we can read characters as old as the pharaohs hieroglyphs TODAY. The cool thing is it’s not limited to Kanji experts to read this magnificent characters, Even if you just started learning Kanji you can read it. Actually even if you don’t know any Kanji at all you can still understand a few characters. since it started as ideographs it looks like a drawing. Continue reading “Kanji tales: Communicating with God by Kanji”