Yamato‐kotoba: The beauty of Japanese

Japan Is indeed a beautiful country with many beautiful places to visit and rich culture. Mountain Fuji and the Sakura are one of the first things that pops up in mind when thinking about what is beautiful in Japan. However, I think that Japanese language is not in any way inferior to represent Japan’s beauty. One of the reasons that make Japanese so beautiful is its richness of expressions. in this article I want to introduce Yamatokotoba (大和言葉)and how it makes Japanese beautiful. Continue reading “Yamato‐kotoba: The beauty of Japanese”


Japanese writing system is vibrant

Japanese writing system is difficult, no one would disagree with that. There is a lot of aspects that make it difficult other than having a couple of thousand characters and various different readings for each one. I want to shed some light on another aspect here, Kanji as we know now has a long history before it was established in Japan, Continue reading “Japanese writing system is vibrant”

What’s interesting about Japanese 日本語の面白いところ


Continue reading “What’s interesting about Japanese 日本語の面白いところ”