Japanese mothers came from the sun

Today is Mother’s day, And I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to have such a supportive and caring mother. I am sure you feel the same way towards your mothers. so do make sure to buy your Okaasan a present.

Most beginner Japanese students learn the word for “mother” early on. however, there are not so many who know the origins of the word even among advanced students. Actually not even Japanese people know it anyway. It originates from the sun. how? read on to find out how.

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Origins: unfortunately a man and a women are contradicting you

What a weird title, but it probably has a deep meaning, right? well, Yeah! I’ve got 5 words that I want to show you how they came to be, because knowing the origin of words is usually fun and will make those words just stick in those brain cells of yours. besides you’ll have something to brag about when talking with your Japanese friends or your fellow Japanese learners.
So any body could guess what the words are?
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