Japanese Writing Lab :日本語に興味を持ったきっかけ

Self Taught Japaneseというブログの筆者であるlocksleyuさんが、文章力向上のためJapanese Writing Labプログラムを作ってくださいました。簡単に説明すると、レベルを問わず、日本語学習者を対象に、次々と出されるテーマや課題の枠組みの中で気軽に作文を書いていただくプログラムです。
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Another 10 Basic writing tips

In the previous article I talked about the importance of having a clear structure to base your writing on, today I want to elaborate more on writing techniques and tips. I will continue writing about how to write better in Japanese as an ongoing series starting from 10 Basic writing tips

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10 Basic writing tips

Every Japanese learner at some point need to improve their writing skills, I had this experience being able to fluently speak, but when it comes to writing things get a little bit difficult.

The hard part isn’t about writing itself nor grammar knowledge or vocabulary, actually it’s all about writing conventions and style.

I see fellow Japanese learners make mistakes not in using the language, but for instance, their choice of words in certain situations, or using the wrong collocation, or even using correct grammar.

To overcome this you need a high level of mastery, which takes time and a lot of experience. So I want to share some of my limited experience in working in a Japanese company and reading and writing tens of emails on a daily basis.

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